We hear ya, Weasley.
“Never under estimate , because each one has his or her strengths and weaknesses . Let`s treat everyone with fairness and equality . Life is so fair ,life is wonderful.”

Aint that the truth!

Want to see all the Bake It in a Cake recipes in one place? Check out the recipes page! I just updated it and it includes dozens of different treats involving Take 5 candy bars, pies, cookies, cereal, pop tarts, and mini cheeseburgers made out of marzipan. 

Not THE Hershey’s, as far as I can tell.

Hey there good people, it’s Tumblr Tuesday! Here’s some fresh Tumblr blogs you might like.

Crimes Against Hugh’s Manatees
A daily comic strip by Hugh Crawford about animals who think like people, among other things. Check out his Kickstarter project to get the second year of comics in print. Above: A bear has a terrifying thought.

Digitale Wolke
A blog about new media, developments and everything else that circles in the digital media atmosphere.

Naked Art
Naked Art is art that needs to be clothed. Enter: the Framer. Framers are to artwork what a stylist is to a celebrity.

Chronicle Books
The official Tumblr of Chronicle Books, an independent publisher inspired by the enduring magic of books. See Things Differently.

Created to provide emerging artists with a platform, rustybreak exposes their work to a global audience outside the traditional gallery structure.

For more updates on what’s new, check the official New & Notable Tumblrs blog!